About  Dorper Design

Penny and Gordon Gilder and their children Charlie, Phoebe and Alice, own a sheep, cattle and cropping property near Premer, in the central west of NSW. They are passionate about agriculture, managing their land and animals in an ethical and environmentally sustainable way to supplying Australian made products both domestically and internationally.

Born and raised on a sheep property, Penny has a lifetime love and affinity for the land. After retiring as a registered nurse to work alongside Gordon and raise their three children, she began Dorper Design with a vision of utilising the extraordinary skins from their Dorper sheep. These skins, which are traditionally viewed as a bi product of the meat industry, are now being innovatively handcrafted in Tamworth, right here in the central west of NSW to create timeless products.

Penny’s creativity in utilising these Dorper skins has started a tremendously exciting journey which highlights the wonderful versatility and functionality of this unique, natural material. The old saying that perfection only exists in nature, may seem clichéd but it rings true when you experience the Dorper Design range. Every individual piece is unique in both colour and texture. Some show the natural blemishes and scars that signify the authenticity of a natural product and no no two pieces are ever the same.

"Having our collection manufactured in Tamworth, NSW means we can oversee and concentrate on quality craftsmanship and attention to detail which is so important to us. We are incredibly proud of our products, their unique look, beautiful tactile feel, carefully detailed construction and how they represent Australian country quality" - Penny Gilder